What are We Weaving? Fall 2023 Tapestries in Progress.

There has been a lot of activity at school this fall. Here are just a few of the tapestries weavers have been working on. 

Sally is working on a music inspired design. Her goal is capture the joy of music in a tapestry. 

Lee weaving

Lee doesn’t have a title yet. The black and white rocks will form an arc traveling to the left. Simple and elegant design.

Nancy is pleased with her how much she has woven but thinks it’s been slow. She hadn’t realize how many circles were in her design, but she’s enjoying the challenge.

Deborah is working on her curves and lets the colors tell her what to do next. Weaving without a cartoon is risky business but also liberating.

We look forward to seeing Ann’s completed tapestry when she returns Spring term.

John looks happy. The angles must be going well.

Pat’s hummingbird is coming along quite nicely.

JD is hard at work. Her goal is to better understand how to use hachures. No easy task but she’s not alone. The first Wednesday of each month a hachure study group meets at school. We’re studying this small section from a very large Dom Roberts tapestry. Notice how she‘s weaving from the back!

Here is the word Jeanine started in Phoebe’s Weaving Words workshop this past summer. Great summer colors.

Patricia’s retreat in New Mexico with Rebecca Mezoff was very rewarding.

Kris is half way.


Janet’s colorful tapestry, warped Navajo style, was inspired by a quilt she saw.

Caroline is weaving on a Navajo style loom.

Beth completed her tapestry of the Fremont Bridge for Willamette Tapestry Artists’ Bridge Project

Then she decided to do 3 more iterations – one for each season – using the same cartoon.  Fall is finish and she is currently working on Winter.

As you can see fall was a very productive time.