The Return of a Valued Tradition

Every summer for many years when DFAS was closed, we had a tradition of going to different homes one day a week, usually Tuesdays, during the ten-week period before the beginning of Fall term in October. This was a very popular event. We’d weave, knit, visit, or  just hang out together at the home of a fellow weaver. The pandemic put an end to that. It was sorely missed, but  thanks to the efforts of Kris G, that tradition was resumed this past summer.

There is, of course, always lots of great food!

We weave.

We talk about what we’re working on, enjoy each other’s company and show off our latest creations.

Weavers met at homes in Albany, Banks, NW and NE Portland, and Gresham in Oregon as well as Ridgefield, Washington.

A great time was had by all who came. This was the last piece to finally put the dark days of the pandemic behind us.

Thank you, Kris!