The Bridge Project Exhibit at Portland Unitarian Church June 2023

Willamette Tapestry Artists (WTA) wanted to explore the idea of connection through tapestry.  WTA members chose to weave the Willamette River bridges, structures that link diverse neighborhoods, communities and commerce. Each tapestry focusses on a bridge over the Willamette River.  These bridge tapestries emphasize the beauty in strong structures that link old and new and provide safe passage. They showcase the texture and color of fiber art, reflecting images from this corner of the world.  

 The exhibit is in downtown Portland July 2023. The 15 tapestries can be seen each Sunday through June at Portland Unitarian, 1211 SW Main Street Portland 97204. The public may enter the church’s basement from 12th street entrance 11:30-1:30 p.m. June 4, 11, and 18. Many WTA members will be there June 11th to answer questions and meet members of the congregation. 

Willamette Tapestry Artists (WTA) is a group of 15 weavers who meet monthly to “talk tapestry” and collaborate to exhibit their tapestries. 

St. John's Bridge by Patricia Bugas-Schramm
St. John’s Bridge by Patricia B-S
Marquam Bridge by Phoebe
Marquam Bridge by Phoebe M.

Steel Bridge by Pam Patrie
Steel Bridge by Pam P