Summer Workshop, Gourds

This blog post is written by Candace Pratt. Thank you for sharing.

All were welcome to join in the two-day workshop, Tapestry Weaving in a Gourd, taught by Jane Wilson. Jane is a local gourd artist specializing in weaving and coiling.  


The first day was spent dyeing pre-cut gourds with transparent acrylics then drilling warp holes in the gourds.

Beginning gourd in Tapestry Weaving Inside a Gourd workshop.

On the second day the class was challenged to prepare the gourd for weaving by warping the gourd using perle cotton thread and the holes that were drilled the previous day.  

Tapestry Weaving Inside a Gourd, class working hard

Tapestry Weaving Inside a Gourd, gourds we created

The class is now ready to weave their own designs in the gourds. Jane had baskets of yarn and beads to choose from.

Sadly, the day ended all too soon. Everyone left with a very nice gourd that they had created.