News and Noteworthy

Our New Website!

January 20, 2023

Updating the DFAS website has long been a top priority. It was a huge undertaking. This effort was made possible thanks to a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), whose support for the arts is so important. We contracted with Collage Creative (Susan Langenes) to create and design the website. Equally important were the time and efforts of an all-volunteer team led by Sandy Hamilton. Sandy deserves a very special thank-you for making this happen. 

Party to thank web team

Last week, we had a party to thank Sandy H. and her web team: Stephenie F, Kiki D, Terry O, Jeanine J, Amy B, Cindy S, Sally W, Becky S, Margaret J, Jenny B, Candy P, and Karen C. THANK YOU! 

We are very proud that this was accomplished by volunteers. The Board is grateful to all of our volunteers who contribute time and effort and make DFAS such a special place.

Sandy cutting the cake

New Grant!

January 21, 2023

The Board is very excited to announce that DFAS has received a grant from the Swigert Foundation, a private charitable organization located in Portland. This $5000 grant will help us with the costs of bringing and hosting out-of-town instructors this summer! We are thankful for their generosity and look forward to a great summer program of workshops!

Gallery 114 Juried Exhibit “What If?”

January 5 – 28, 2023

Located in NW Portland, Gallery 114 is proud to present work based on the theme “What if?”

This juried exhibit represents work from 28 artists hailing from within a national pool which includes Candy Pratt, a DFAS weaver and board member. (Click here for Candy’s Summer Lecture Tour presentation and here to see her Artist Page.) The range and breadth of artistic expression in interpreting this concept resulted in provocative, expressive, and creative energy.

Native Grasses in Harmony with Fire by Candace Pratt
Native Grasses in Harmony with Fire by Candace Pratt

Read what Candy has to say about how Native Grasses in Harmony with Fire interprets “What if?”

What if we had listened to and learned from indigenous people in their stewardship of the land?  Fire as Medicine.  Guardianship. Cultural Burning.  Native people across the globe learned to manage and live in harmony with fire over thousands of years.

From my roots in the Midwest, I try to envision the bountiful grasslands that flourished a mere century ago. As a contemporary basket weaver, I reflect on the universality of baskets made with local grasses.

In Harmony with Fire is an adaptation of traditional coiled grass baskets.  Tiny glass threads are bundled and shaped in a kiln-forming technique.  Waxed linen is used to stitch the grass-like bundles of glass together.

It is the story of the annual spring growth of the emerald-green grass, the summer drying, and the ceremonial burning allowing the cycle to repeat anew.  It is not too late to embark on a commitment sparked from a what-if moment, like now.”

The Juried Exhibition runs from January 5 – 28, 2023. Gallery 114 is located at 1100 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209. Hours are Thursday – Sunday, Noon -5:00.

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