New Tapestry, June 2023   

Congratulations to John Harrison on his new tapestry Strictly Orthogonal. 

Weaver Statement:  During the Pandemic I attempted a complex weaving with many sloping forms. The results were mixed and disappointing. I decided to take a rest from diagonal forms and designed this weaving with only horizontals and verticals in an orthogonal geometry, hence the title “Strictly Orthogonal.”

The weaving is loosely inspired by aspects of a Burntwater rug woven by Maggie Price of Sanders, Arizona. I am drawn to a central diamond form and elected to avoid the triangular shapes infilling the four corners of the weaving as is often the case with a central diamond. I designed a simple monotone “barrel” form wrapping the central diamond and enhancing the rich color and intricacy of the diamond pattern.

There is lots to be learned from any weaving. In this case I learned that the orthogonal geometry of this weaving is in no way easier than a sloped geometry. 

tapestry by John Harrison

Strictly Orthogonal by John Harrison


24 ½” X  38”

Technique:  Navajo method

Warp / Sett:  8 warps per inch

Weft:  Purebred Romney wool spun from our farm flock by my wife Marilyn

Date Woven:  2022 / 2023