New Tapestries December 2023

Here are some of the tapestries that were completed in December 2023. 

Becca has been weaving a series of tapestries depicting her family tree. She isn’t sure how many she has done, but it’s been quite a few. She can trace her family roots back quite a few generations back.

Once the tapestry was completed, she used Shrinky Dinks to attach the names of the family members represented on this part of her family  tree.  Very successful!  

There will be more tapestries……

Janet often uses her hand spun for her tapestries woven on a Navajo style loom. Our Galleria wall should plan to feature all her tapestries some day soon.

The theme for the 2024 ATA unjuried small format exhibit is What If?  Everyone at school has been brainstorming and sharing ideas for tapestries that cannot be larger than 10 inches by 10 inches.

Phoebe was interested in weaving a dragon. She found exactly what she was looking for in her  I Ching book. There, tucked away, forgotten and waiting for her to rediscover  was the perfect dragon on a business card  that her maternal great grandfather had picked up in San Francisco in 1860.  Here is a photo of the logo on the card,

 The results are quite impressive! Notice that Phoebe weaves from the back.

It’s also the first time she has used soumak. After seeing Terry’s use of soumak, Phoebe experimented and found it perfect for portraying the dragon’s scales. The pink nails are a nod to our group’s decision to include some pink in our tapestries.