New DFAS Tapestries, April 2023

At DFAS when a weaver completes a tapestry, it’s time for Show and Tell. We ring a small bell to call everyone together in one room. Once we are all gathered, each weaver holds up their newly completed tapestry for all to see and talks about their weaving journey and what they learned. Sometimes we also pull the rope to our large school bell. Yes indeed, our old schoolhouse has a large bell, similar to a church bell, that can be heard throughout the neighborhood!  

Here are some recently completed tapestries. Congratulations weavers!

Becky Smith
Becky S
Debbie Kogan
Debbie K
Denise Lukens
Denise L

Cindy S. is holding her tapestry for the Latimer Quilt and Textile Exhibit this fall.

Cindy Schart
Phoebe McAfee with tapestry and Beth Scarth holding cartoon

Phoebe M. weaves from the back. Beth S is holding Phoebe’s cartoon. This tapestry is for the Latimer Quilt and Textile Exhibit in the fall.

Phoebe is holding the completed tapestry, Beth has the cartoon.
Completed Tapestry by Phoebe M
Susan Naive April 2023
Susan N
Happi Abernethy holding her copper loom.
Happi A

Welcome to two of our new weavers! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about these tapestries when they are finished.