Master Weaver Bob VS

Bob is a very successful and prolific weaver. He has a great sense of color and design. He is meticulous and detail oriented, re-spinning the weft he is using if it is not just right. He doesn’t dye all his wool, but he will if he’s not satisfied with the colors he has. His efforts always all pay off with truly exceptional tapestries.

This tapestry was completed in December 2023.

Enjoy this overview of a few of his tapestries.

He weaves for his own pleasure. He does’t sell his tapestries. Seeing them in his home is a real treat. His tapestries are an expression of his admiration and appreciation for that which he finds beautiful.

Some are quite large, certainly much larger than what most of us are weaving.

Bob rarely weaves small.

This last tapestry is quite different from the others in terms of colors but no less precise.