Galleria Wall Spring 2023

galleria wall spring 2023
Pick and Pick and Raised Outline

Our Galleria Wall exhibit changes each term, showcasing the tapestries of the weavers at our school. Their accomplishments excite and inspire us. Our current exhibit features pick and pick, a weaving technique with a long history. Pick and Pick is basically two weft colors woven alternately in different sheds. One weft color travels to the selvedge but does not return. It rests while a second weft color travels through the opposite shed in the same direction. This creates vertical lines or stripes. Several tapestries in the exhibit were woven using Raised Outline, a Navajo technique based on pick and pick with the addition of two-warp floats. 

Ghost Planet (Kiki Dembrow) was woven entirely in raised outline on a Mirrix loom.

Ghost Planet by Kiki Dembrow
NW Landscape, Kris Guptil

Look at the vertical lines of pick and pick in these two tapestries and its effect on color and texture. The tapestry to the left NW Landscape (Kris Guptil) was woven on a Navajo style loom and Untitled to the right (JD Dorow) on a copper loom.

JD Dorow Untitled

Macramé Revisited by Beth Scarth

In Macrame Revisited Beth Scarth uses raised outline in the top half to outline the diamonds and explores the possibilities of pick and pick in the bottom half of her tapestry.

Terry Olson uses pick and pick very effectively in this pulled warp basket. It really looks like a basket.