Navajo Wedge Weaving Basics, Jun 20-24, 2022


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Kevin Aspaas, a Navajo weaver, is the instructor for this 5-day workshop. The first step is to make a 7″ x 10″ Navajo warp, then set up the loom and start weaving. You will learn basic design and wedge weaving techniques from Navajo traditions. During this 5-day workshop, some people will finish, but everyone will be able to take their work home as the warp is easily removed from the loom. Kevin will demonstrate spinning and 2 & 3 plying on the Navajo style spindle. Tools like forks and battens will be available for optional purchase. Students can expect to purchase wool warp and weft from the school, cost estimated to be $30-$40, depending on what you choose to use. Kevin will be also be bringing dyed yarn for purchase. Maximum class size is 8.

photo of Kevin AspaasAbout the Instructor:

Kevin Aspaas is an award-winning entrepreneur, Dine’ weaver, and fiber artist from Shiprock, NM. Aspaas utilizes the traditional Dine’ sheep -to-loom weaving process. He is also best known for producing the old-style Navajo wedge weaving technique, along with other Navajo traditional and contemporary textiles. Kevin currently also serves as the President of the Din’ led non-profit organization, Dine’ Be’lina’, which focuses on promoting and preserving the Navajo lifeways through weaving, fiber arts, shepherding, food and community outreach.

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