The Power of Color: A Study in Color Theory, Jun 29, 2024


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Sat, 9:30am-3:00pm

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Linda Gormley instructs this one-day workshop in color theory. Students will explore how color can affect design, how it can accentuate an object or the mood. Students will learn the main rules and guidelines of color theory, about primary, secondary and tertiary colors, along with value and tint. They will create their own color wheel and reference binder to take home. Students will also consider different color schemes and discuss the psychology of them. Materials fee of $15 paid directly to the instructor. Maximum class size is 8. 

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Linda Gormley

About the Instructor: Linda Gormley has been a weaver with DFAS since 2016. She approaches her tapestry through color, whether it is through monochromatic schemes, grey tones, or the entire rainbow. Linda has a degree in Interior Design from Michigan State University and studied Architecture from Iowa State.



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