Short Full-turn Twined (Sally) Basket, Jun 15 & 21, 2024


 Sat, Jun 15, 9:00am-3:30pm, Fri, Jun 21,  Zoom 6:00pm-7:30pm

5 seats available

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Barbara Kommer is the instructor for this two-day workshop. Students will learn how to use full-turn twining to create a small basket with a colorful design. Students also will learn the history of traditional Wasco (Sally) bags. They will use upholstery cord and Pendleton wool yarn for this project. The instructor will supply a complete kit along with written instructions, as well as a selection of patterns and a template for creating a personal design if desired. The completed basket will be about 3” wide and 2.5” high. Please note: This class has two sessions. The first is in-person and the second is via Zoom. A materials fee of $25 will be paid directly to the instructor. Maximum class size is 10.

Head shot of Barbara KommerAbout the Artist: Barbara Kommer is a Vancouver, Washington, basket maker. Her interest in Native American art, especially Northwest basketry, led her to basket making. She says she wanted to understand and better appreciate what went into making a basket, from gathering and processing materials to designing and weaving the basket. She enjoys twining with wool yarn and uses the full-turn twining technique to create cylindrical bags in the style of Wasco (Sally) root-gathering bags made by Native women along the Columbia River. She creates her own designs, often inspired by native forms and lines. She primarily uses Pendleton wool yarn for her bags. Barbara is currently president of the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild. 


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