3-Day Beginning Tapestry Workshop, May 17-19, 2024


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Fri-Sun, 9:30am-3:30pm


Margaret Jeppesen is the instructor. This 3-day workshop is designed for beginners and for those needing a refresher in techniques. In this small group workshop, learn the basics of tapestry. Learn how to warp the loom, then weave stripes, meet and separate, weave geometric shapes like triangles and rectangles, create smooth curves, and add colors. A full-color handout is included. Materials can be purchased from school shoppe. Cost includes a 12″x 18″ copper pipe loom and one warp. Weft should be purchased in our shoppe; expect a minimum of $5.  Maximum class size is 4.

Margaret Jeppesen About the Instructor: Margaret Jeppesen has been a fiber magpie since she was 6 years old. Early in 2019 she took her first tapestry class at Damascus Fiber Arts School. Since that time she has continued to explore the various tapestry techniques and share that with new weavers. Helping others begin to explore their tapestry journey has helped her deepen her understanding of the craft.



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