Weaving Words in Tapestry, Jul 7-9, 2023


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Fri-Sun, 10am-3pm

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Description: Phoebe McAfee will teach students how to weave words in tapestry. In this 3-day workshop, students will learn the importance of pre-planning, what direction to weave the word they choose, considerations when picking a font, the correct spacing of letters, and the use of color and contrast. Students must have basic tapestry skills. Instructor will provide some suggestions for words, as well as a materials list, before the workshop. Some weft will be provided. Other materials may be purchased in the school shoppe.  Maximum class size is 12.

Photo of Phebe McAfee

About the Instructor:

Phoebe McAfee learned tapestry as an apprentice with Rachel Brown in New Mexico in 1967.  She earned a master’s degree in textiles at San Francisco State University.  Phoebe was a co-founder of the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop.  She wove for tapestry designer Mark Adams for twenty years. Phoebe began weaving at Damascus Fiber Arts School in 2014, when she came to Audrey’s 88th birthday party and Audrey insisted she weave there. Phoebe weaves a lot of words.


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