Natural Dyeing Using Local Mushrooms, Lichens and Plants, Aug 12-13, 2023


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Cheshire Mayrsohn teaches this 2-day workshop. Class participants will explore natural dyes from local lichens, mushrooms and plants and learn how to prepare dye from lichens, mushrooms and local plants. They will use different mordants and raise and lower pH to get 2-5 colors from each dyebath. Two days allows time to give the dyes the long soak they need for the best color and plenty of time to play with the colors. This class is suitable for all levels. No experience is necessary. Materials fee of $25 is payable directly to the instructor in cash. Maximum class size is 10. 

Cheshire MayrsohnAbout the Instructor:

Cheshire Mayrsohn is a botanist, mycologist and lichenologist. She manifests her love of mushrooms and lichens by using them to dye yarn and knit into whimsical mushroom-patterned hats. While doing a lichen display at the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Show in Eugene, Oregon, she became interested in dyeing after repeatedly hearing, “I hear you can use lichens for dyeing.” She used a new book, Lichen Dyes, a New Sourcebook, to teach herself lichen dyeing, and was hooked. She went on to study dyeing with mushrooms and using local plants. She teaches natural dye classes at Eugene Textile Center using lichen, mushrooms and local plants. She has taught dyeing at the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) annual “Fiber in the Forest” event. Cheshire focuses her work on the ethical collecting and use of lichens and mushrooms as she continues to experiment. She is a member of the International Fungus and Fiber Federation, a founding member of Cascade Mycological Society and a board member.


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