Creative Process: Designing a Cartoon, Jun 24, 2023


Class Cancelled

Sat, 10am-2pm


Description: Amy Belgan teaches this half-day workshop. It is designed to help students iterate and finalize a design and work on developing their unique style. The instructor will follow up, post workshop, with additional feedback. Students would need to bring a general idea for a design–at least a starting point–including written ideas/thoughts about the design, possibly magazines or other items for collage, and a pencil and notebook. Students may bring photos of past work and what inspired the design: colors, images, artists, other designs they like. No materials fee. Maximum class size is 8 students.

Headshot of Amy BelganAbout the Instructor: Amy Belgan has been a student of both photography and graphic design, which is why her work favors graphic design with geometric elements. She began weaving in 2016 when she attended an introductory weaving class at an art store in San Francisco, CA. That class provided her with some weaving groundwork and her first loom. Over time, Amy continued working to perfect her weaving, eventually taking a more advanced tapestry class at Damascus Fiber Arts School in 2018 to fine tune her craft. She has taught both a beginning and continuing online design workshop for DFAS. Amy has shown her work locally and nationally in several iterations of the American Tapestry Alliance Small Format Unjuried Tapestry Exhibit.


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