Tapestry on a Navajo-Style Loom, Oct 6 – Dec 15, 2022


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Choose any five Thursdays in the term, October 6 through December 15. Kevynne Layne is the instructor. In this 5-day class, students will spend one day warping the loom and planning their individual project. Over the remaining 4 days, students will learn Navajo-style techniques using traditional tools such as the fork and batten. They will practice diagonal, horizontal, and vertical patterns which are derived from classic Navajo motifs. Motivated student can complete a 5”x10” weaving. Materials purchased from the school shoppe. Class includes use of the school’s looms and tools. Maximum: 5 students.

Kevynne Layne
Kevynne Layne

About the Instructor:

Kevynne Layne weaves on a Navajo-style loom as well as several models of Mirrix looms. Her studio time is split between the design process, cartoon construction, dyeing of colors, and the actual weaving itself. Kevynne often has two or more projects going at once, including experiments using techniques and colors in samplers for future projects.

Applying the skills she uses in graphic design and photography, Kevynne finds that it is the creative process that is most satisfying to her. She says that translating a concept or story into a tapestry that is both visual and weaverly is the challenge that excites her the most. Kevynne’s work has been exhibited in juried and open exhibits. She is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists.


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