Beginning Tapestry

Just about every month DFAS offers a 3-day semi-private beginning tapestry workshop. Many of our weavers started their tapestry adventure by taking this workshop. One of the students in JD’s […]

Jane Wilson Weaving in a Gourd

Summer Workshop, Gourds

This blog post is written by Candace Pratt. Thank you for sharing. All were welcome to join in the two-day workshop, Tapestry Weaving in a Gourd, taught by Jane Wilson. […]

Jars of natural dyes

Summer Workshop: Natural Dyes

The colors that can be obtained with mushrooms, lichen and local plants is impressive. August 13-14 was a very hot weekend.  Temperatures reached 100 on the second day of this […]

Becky's hachures project

Summer Workshop: Hachures!

Learning to weave traditional French hachures is challenging and definitely not for beginners. We were very fortunate to have Mary Lane teach a five-day workshop this August for us. She did […]

Woven words

Weaving Words in Tapestry

12 excited students came prepared with looms warped and a word cartoon in hand to Phoebe McAffee’s July 3-day workshop Weaving Words in Tapestry. Phoebe brought with her a plethora […]

Alex Friedman Workshop

Alex Friedman Workshop

Ten lucky students attended the 3 day workshop by Alex Friedman on her “Ripple Technique”.  The basic idea is to use eccentric weft in a manner to create a sculptural […]

Teaching Composition by Joan Baxter May 2015

Joan Baxter Tapestry Workshops May 2015

Last year I learned that Joan Baxter, of Brora, Scotland, was in the United States teaching workshops, so I tried to get her to add us to her schedule.  We […]