Beginning Tapestry

Just about every month DFAS offers a 3-day semi-private beginning tapestry workshop. Many of our weavers started their tapestry adventure by taking this workshop.

One of the students in JD’s Beginning Tapestry Workshop last May was Rothrock. This is the tapestry he completed. You can see him holding this tapestry in the feature photo.

Once a month DFAS has Open Studio on a Saturday. At Open Studio there is always a Roving Instructor who can help you. Rothrock comes to the Saturday Open Studio when he is free and has found it to be really valuable.

Rothrock completed this tapestry Verdure Huit Fleurs in September, 2023. It is about 11″ by 8″, 10 epi, with 12/6 cotton warp and Gist Array weft.

Very impressive, isn’t it!

He wanted to practice making shapes and has been inspired by the history of tapestry.

We hope he keeps weaving.