Terry Olson

Terry Olson describes herself as a “maker” obsessed with tapestry. She enjoys the fact that tapestry is an art medium that is constructed. It is not added to the surface of a material like paint or embroidery. As the tapestry is built, the image appears.

Terry loves to experiment with techniques, designs, colors and form. She finds inspiration everywhere, including Damascus Fiber Arts School, her hilltop home, and while traveling.

Terry weaves on a variety of simple looms and hand-dyes much of the wool she uses for weft. She teaches Tapestry at Damascus Fiber Arts School and offers workshops at Guilds. She served 8 years on the American Tapestry Alliance Board of Directors. She is the Advisor to the Board of Damascus Fiber Arts School.

Terry has been weaving tapestry for about 30 years and teaching for about 25.